Earnings per share amounts in the following table reflect the effect of the two-for-one stock split distributed in June 1998.

Net income for the third quarter of fiscal 1999 includes an after-tax charge of $9.0 million as a loss from discontinued operations relating to lease obligations, primarily for the Company's Hit or Miss stores.

During the fourth quarter of fiscal 2000, the Company changed its method of accounting for layaway sales. (See Note A to the financial statements.) Quarterly results for fiscal 2000 in the table above have been restated to reflect the change in accounting. The cumulative effect of this change for periods prior to January 31, 1999 of $5.2 million, net of income taxes of $3.4 million, is included in net income of the first quarter. The year-to-date effect of this change on fiscal 2000 was immaterial. The effect of this change on quarterly net income and related earnings per share in fiscal 2000 follows (in thousands except per share amounts):