T.K. Maxx

Launched in 1994, T.K. Maxx introduced off-price retailing to the U.K. and Ireland. Today, T.K. Maxx is the only brick-and-mortar, off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions of significant size in Europe. T.K. Maxx expanded into Germany in 2007, into Poland in 2009 and opened its first store in Austria in early 2015. T.K. Maxx also operates its e-commerce site, tkmaxx.com, in the UK. T.K. Maxx, together with HomeSense, comprise TJX Europe.

T.K. Maxx offers great values in top-brand family apparel and home fashions, including women's footwear, lingerie, accessories and other merchandise, such as luggage and toys. Some stores feature the Mod Box, a department specifically geared to younger customers, and Gold Label, which features high-end designer labels.

T.K. Maxx ended 2014 with 407 stores, which average approximately 31,000 square feet in size. We believe that TJX Europe provides enormous store-growth opportunities, and we plan to launch T.K. Maxx in our sixth European country, The Netherlands, this fall. We believe we can grow T.K. Maxx and HomeSense to 975 stores with our existing chains in our existing markets and The Netherlands, where we have announced expansion plans.