Media Room

Rebecca Leonard

"I love being part of a company that supports and encourages new ideas and innovation. TJX is built on the value of looking at retail from a different angle. We are challenged every day to live up to that value, which makes this a fun and exciting place to be!"

Rebecca, AVP, Public Relations

Jessica LeBoeuf

"I came to TJX and almost instantaneously felt like I was part of the team. My ideas are heard and genuinely welcomed. Although I'm still relatively new to TJX, other associates look to me for ideas and thoughts. There is a general consensus among my team that we're all working towards a common goal, which makes it a great working environment."

Jessica, Technical Analyst

Kevin Shattuck

"I've never worked for a company where the sense of teamwork is so strongly felt. It's amazing to me that a company our size still has its roots in a true entrepreneurial spirit where individuals' ideas and contributions matter."

Kevin, Manager of Soft Home Product Development