Frequently Asked Questions

Recruitment & Qualifications

I have applied to the CMTP, what are the next steps?

You will be notified electronically that your resume has been received. Selected candidates will be contacted to schedule a preliminary interview; this interview could take place in person or over the telephone.

What skills are needed to apply for the CMTP?

We look for candidates who demonstrate the ability to think creatively, have strong analytical and numbers skills, are able to think strategically about the business, and work well in a fast paced and demanding environment. To be successful you must also enjoy working with product, have the ability to build rapport quickly and establish effective working relationships with others to get the job done. You must like the idea of running a business, because while this is about trends and product, and most importantly, it’s about managing the bottom line and driving sales and profit.

Is retail sales experience required?

Prior retail experience is not essential, but what is critical to success are those skills mentioned under “What skills are needed to apply for the CMTP?”

I am an international student and would like to join the CMTP, can I apply?

For full-time positions, applicants must be authorized to work in the United States on a full-time permanent basis.

Does TJX offer relocation assistance?

There are specific criteria around relocation assistance. During the selection process you will have an opportunity to discuss your eligibility and any details.

Is TJX Home Office accessible to public transportation?

TJX is not easily accessible to public transportation. A variable work schedule is part of the CMTP based on the needs of the business. You may need to travel to area stores or work hours that do not coincide with the public transportation schedule.


What kind of training can I expect when I join the CMTP?

Training happens throughout your career at TJX, while the first several months will be intense classroom and on-the-job training, both formal and informal training happens at every position within the career path.

How will my performance be evaluated during the CMTP and PASE Training?

You will receive feedback many times during the PASE Training program, as well as in your career in the CMTP. Successful completion of the 8 week PASE Training program is a requirement to continue in the CMTP. During that time you will receive two overall assessments. You must meet the expectations by demonstrating an overall understanding of the content to continue in the CMTP and continue your employment with the company.

What happens after my initial training?

Upon successfully completing PASE (8 week training program), your first position will be as an Allocation Analyst within either Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, or HomeGoods in one of our corporate offices in Framingham, MA.

Will I be required to work in the stores?

The CMTP is about driving the business from the corporate side. The initial training may require you to spend a few days in the stores to learn about store operations and product assortment, but the career path is working in the corporate office.

How is placement determined?

Placement within the different divisions of The TJX Companies, Inc. is based on business needs. During PASE you will find out your placement in T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, or HomeGoods. Throughout your career you may be transferred to different departments and divisions to broaden your experience and skills while being exposed to different product classifications.

Am I paid during training?

Yes, you are paid starting with your first day in training.

Growth Opportunity/Career Path

Are there opportunities for promotion into executive positions?

Yes, TJX believes in promoting from within and many of our current executives have gone through the CMTP. There are opportunities for promotions into Assistant Vice President, Vice President and Senior Vice President level positions.

Are there opportunities to travel or work internationally?

Absolutely. As the world’s largest off-price retailer, TJX provides opportunities to travel or work internationally as your career develops.

How do I get promoted?

Your career begins after successfully completing the PASE Program. Throughout your career in Merchandising you will spend various amounts of time in each position. Your advancement through the career path is linked to your performance and business needs. TJX also offers many opportunities for long-term career growth in management positions within our Planning and Buying Departments.

Why does the career path begin in Planning?

It is very important for you to spend the first few years of your career in the Planning and Allocation Department to fully understand the off-price business and to fully comprehend how to build product assortments. In addition, this is where you learn how to analyze and drive a business while discovering what works and what does not work in the stores. The time you spend on the Planning side of the business prepares you with the skills necessary to make swift decisions and make million dollar decisions, which are the skills Buyers use every day.

I would like to become a Buyer, how long does it take?

Typically it will take an average of 3-4 years to get into Buying. This is a very competitive program and not all people make it to the Buyer level for various reasons (performance, career change, etc.).

Is there travel involved?

In Planning and Allocation you will travel locally to stores and have an opportunity to go on some vendor visits. As a Buyer, you will travel regularly to New York City and other domestic and international centers.

How much time will I be working on a computer?

In all of the positions you will be required to spend a significant amount of time on the computer. The computer is used to analyze the business, create planning strategies, ship product and check on the status of merchandise.

Do I need to be good with numbers?

In both Planning and Buying, you will be working with numbers every day. They are a critical part of the career path, including analyzing reports, calculating percentages and more.

Can I transfer out of the program into another department?

Joining the CMTP is a commitment. We are hiring individuals who want a career in Merchandising and are looking to progress in this career path. The corporate policy does require you to stay in position for six months before requesting a transfer, however, we hope that if you decide to join this program that you are committed to sticking with it.


TJX is an equal opportunity employer committed to workplace diversity.