What is "Off-Price" Retailing?

Who we are

Brand names for you, your family and your home for less. Every day. The same names and merchandise that are in the department stores are also at all The TJX Companies, Inc.'s divisions for less. We can offer the same great names and incredible quality for less through our opportunistic buying model and our relationships with our vendors.

TJX is not a discount store. We are all about getting great value on brand name merchandise and passing on the savings. Our customers will see the same great brand names and styles that are in the department stores but we'll have them for much less.

Our customers know to buy something when they see it, because that item probably won't be there when they return. They love the thrill of the treasure hunt; and we provide plenty of treasures each week for you, your family and your home.

The Buy

Our stores are truly never the same place twice. We offer a continual flow of fresh merchandise. Each store receives three to four shipments of thousands of items each week.

We have Buyers all over the world sourcing from over 16,000 vendors in over 60 countries, so we can take advantage of many opportunities as they arise in the marketplace. We take advantage of closeouts to get the best price on merchandise for our customers or occasionally department stores cancel orders. We can then buy those goods at a reduced price and sell them for less in our stores.

A small part of our business includes buying directly from the department and specialty stores, taking advantage of excess fabric a vendor may have from producing merchandise for another retailer, and buying non-fashion sensitive items (e.g., white socks), which can be bought any time of year.

How we do it

With thousands of stores, we have huge buying power. Our financial strength gives us the ability to pay vendors promptly, and we have a strong pool of experienced Buyers who see their work as more of an art than a science.

While other retailers' Buyers look for their merchandise four times a year, our Buyers travel to market over 40 weeks a year. These frequent market trips allow us to buy closer to need and be smarter about trends.

Also, because we're making deals closer to when we need the merchandise, we're in a good position to negotiate a better price with the vendor. Once we make a deal, it's done. We're tough on the price up front, but unlike other retailers, we don't come back asking to return unsold goods to the vendor or be given advertising allowances.


TJX is an equal opportunity employer committed to workplace diversity.