Corporate Responsibility Report

United With Our Communities

TJX considers every neighborhood in which we do business to be our community, and we strive to be a Neighbor of Choice by enriching the lives of our Associates, customers and neighbors who live and work in our communities.

We extend our support to the communities we serve through our Community Relations pillars:

Throughout our 38-year history as a Company, we have continued our work to be a good corporate citizen. We support a range of organizations, including those that help children, women and families in need; provide aid for education; assist the disadvantaged and sick; provide help and education regarding the prevention of domestic violence; and assist the victims of natural disasters.*

Program Highlights

All of our brands are deeply committed to specific charities and our Associates and customers are passionate about raising money for these charities through in-store fundraising, the sale of certain merchandise in support of charitable fundraising efforts and other community initiatives.
The TJX Foundation focuses on U.S.-based programs that provide basic-needs services to disadvantaged children, women, and families. In 2014, we formalized our giving efforts under regional Foundations in Canada and the U.K. The new entities have been established to manage our commitments in each geographic area and consider new partnership opportunities in the future. In aggregate, over 2,300 organizations throughout our geographies received support from TJX in 2014.
Many of our community relations programs focus on youth and young adults, where we foster affiliations with schools, universities, and other groups to help prepare students as they transition into the workforce. Two of our larger initiatives are the Youth Business Institute (YBI) in the U.S. and the Get Into Retail program in Europe, both of which expanded in 2014 to include more young people and new regions.
*References to 2014 within this section denote TJX's fiscal year 2015, which began February 2, 2014 and ended January 31, 2015.