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A Letter from our Chairman and CEO

About Our Company

Since The TJX Companies’ inception, delivering value to our customers has been our mission, valuing our Associates has been at our core, returning value to our shareholders has been a constant priority, and adding value to our communities has been a central pursuit. Above all else, our corporate value has always been acting with integrity, which informs everything we do.

As our Company grows, we continue to keep these core values of integrity and openness as an integral part of our expanding world. Our global, TJX VALUE corporate responsibility program, captures the essence of our Company and is aimed at helping us continue to make a positive, sustainable impact within the areas which we believe are key to our business and serve the interests of our Associates, customers, shareholders, vendors and communities.

Corporate Responsibility Report

The five tenets of our program represent pursuits that have been important since the Company’s inception. Those areas are:

Please note that references to things accomplished or completed in 2014 for TJX within this Corporate Responsibility section of our website denote TJX's fiscal year 2015, which began February 2, 2014 and ended January 31, 2015.