V.A.L.U.E. Facts


Pledging Our Support:

In 2013, TJX announced a second major, multi-year pledge, continuing our corporate partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association, in recognition of the massive impact of Alzheimer’s disease worldwide.


On a Mission:

The TJX Foundation focuses on programs that provide basic-need services to disadvantaged children, women, and families. In 2013, The Foundation funded over 1,800 nonprofit organizations in the U.S., and, on a global basis, over 2,300 organizations received support from TJX and The TJX Foundation.


Involving More People:

Through our regional targeting programs, we make a concerted effort to invite Associates in our stores, offices, and distribution centers to recommend organizations in their local communities to receive charitable grants so that we can have a positive impact at the local level.


Associate Fundraising:

In 2013, more than 34,500 TJX Associates participated in our annual fundraising campaign for the United Way.

The TJX Foundation

Caring for others is an important part of the culture at TJX. The primary mission of The TJX Foundation is to support programs that provide basic-need services to disadvantaged children, women and families in communities where we do business. In 2013, on a global basis, we supported over 2,300 organizations. In the U.S., much of our charitable giving is coordinated through The TJX Foundation, which funded over 1,800 nonprofit organizations in 2013.

Giving Guidelines
If your nonprofit organization would like to apply for potential funding from The TJX Foundation, you will find information on these pages to guide you through the application process. While we cannot fund all worthy causes, we intend to carefully review all eligible applications. Please note that The TJX Foundation is currently focused on supporting 501(c)(3) charities that conform to the following giving guidelines:

  • Civic/Community: Emphasis is on programs that teach disadvantaged persons independent living skills and that work to improve race/cultural relations.
  • Domestic Violence Prevention: Support will target immediate emergency services and shelter accommodations for victims and family members affected by abusive situations as well as programming that works to break the cycle of violence.
  • Education: Support will target programs that provide academic and vocational opportunities for the disadvantaged, including early intervention, mentoring, tutoring, GED and college coursework, as well as programs that teach English.
  • Health: Support will target programs that provide early and comprehensive prenatal services and healthy-baby education and, in some cases, research.
  • Social Services: We support programs for disadvantaged children and families, including those that provide food and other basic needs, counseling and family support, adoption services, and youth development. We also support programs that provide direct services to those with mental or physical impairments.

How to Apply for Funding

Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations seeking to apply for programmatic funding from The TJX Foundation should follow these steps:

Once you’ve completed the Eligibility Questionnaire, if your organization meets our eligibility requirements for funding, you will be directed to fill out our Application Form. Someone from The TJX Foundation's office will contact you should we need additional information as we consider your proposal.