V.A.L.U.E. Facts


Board Diversity and Independence:

We seek a Board with diversity of experience, gender, race and ethnicity. We also want our Board to reflect a range of talents, ages, skills, viewpoints, educational backgrounds and expertise to provide sound and prudent guidance with respect to our operations and interests.


Honesty and Integrity are Always in Style:

The Associate Code of Conduct, established in 1998, is distributed to Associates worldwide and is reviewed and evaluated regularly by our Audit Committee, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel.


From the Top:

TJX’s shareholders, Associates, customers, vendors and other business partners rely on the honesty and integrity of the Company’s Board of Directors. To support this trust, TJX’s Directors must commit themselves to the Director Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.


Stakeholder Engagement:

TJX believes that careful consideration of the interests of our shareholders, Associates, customers, vendors, and others can benefit all of our stakeholders.

Executive Officers

Bernard Cammarata
Chairman of the Board

Carol Meyrowitz
Chief Executive Officer

Ernie Herrman

Ken Canestrari
Senior Executive Vice President
Group President

Scott Goldenberg
Senior Executive Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

Michael MacMillan
Senior Executive Vice President
Group President

Richard Sherr
Senior Executive Vice President
Group President

Nan Stutz
Senior Executive Vice President
Group President