Delivering Real Value

At TJX, VALUE lives at the heart of our business and for nearly 40 years, our divisions have been proud to deliver high quality and brand name fashion merchandise to our customers, all at amazing values. Our corporate responsibility mission is focused on delivering real value to our many important stakeholders - Associates, Customers, Neighbors, Vendors and Shareholders. We approach our role as a corporate citizen seriously, always striving to act with integrity, which affects every aspect of our business.

For Associates, we support and recognize the value that each individual brings to this Company and the critical role they play in our success. For our customers and the communities we serve, we take to heart the organizations we support and embrace programs that deliver services to families and children so they may lead healthier and happier lives. In environmental sustainability, we remain conscientious about reducing energy consumption and waste to help minimize our impact on the environment and do what is good for the business. At all times, we operate our business responsibly, with vendor relationships and returning value to our shareholders among our ongoing priorities.

Please note that references to items accomplished or completed on this website during 2015 denote TJX’s Fiscal Year 2016, which began February 1, 2015 and ended January 30, 2016.