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Letter From Ernie Herrman

Ernie Herrman

  • Chief Executive Officer and President

To our Associates,
Customers, Neighbors,
Vendors and Shareholders:

At TJX, delivering real value everyday lives at the heart of our business. Over TJX’s 40-year history, we have strived to create excitement by providing exceptional value whenever customers shop our stores or more recently, visit us online. Our Company’s foundation is built on long-held principles of integrity, ethics, fairness and caring and we attribute much of our long term success to these cultural cornerstones as they deeply influence our business practices. More than that, we also believe that the real value we bring to the world is as important as what we sell, a belief TJX has held since day one. Our culture of doing what we believe is the right thing — for our Associates, customers, neighbors, vendors, shareholders and business overall — serves as the basis for our TJX Corporate Responsibility program.

Our Corporate Responsibility program has grown organically and our initiatives have become increasingly meaningful with the support of our many thousands of Associates worldwide behind them. Within our Corporate Responsibility website, we report on our progress under four strategic pillars that capture important initiatives we have pursued for many years: Our Workplace, Our Communities, Environmental Sustainability and Responsible Business. Our Associate teams around the globe work conscientiously throughout the year to improve their program results in each of these areas. I am very proud of what we have accomplished to date and I am passionate about what our programs may achieve in the future.

Throughout the website and e-book, you will find detailed information about the many programs that encompass our efforts. A few highlights include:

In appreciation of, and out of respect for, our many valued stakeholders, I am pleased to share our 2017 TJX Value Corporate Responsibility website and report. I extend my deepest gratitude to the thousands of Associates around the globe who have made these programs possible.

Sincere regards,

Ernie Herrman Signature

Ernie Herrman
Chief Executive Officer and President
The TJX Companies, Inc.

April 2017