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Smart for Business. Good for the Environment.

TJX has long been committed to pursuing initiatives that are smart for our business and good for the environment. We operate a large, complex international business and in 2016, were pleased to increase our global store count by nearly 200 stores. Our growth has resulted in annual increases in our environmental footprint, including our absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. That’s why we have continually focused on meaningful initiatives that help reduce our environmental impacts and actively demonstrate our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. We remain committed on our journey to reduce our carbon footprint.

Key Initiatives

Sustainable Business Operations:

Measurement and Reporting:

Building Relationships through Engagement:

We also strive to further engage our Associates on environmental issues. Environmental sustainability initiatives are increasingly important to both current and prospective Associates, and we believe that the more we collaborate across the organization, the better our program will be. As our program evolves, we are focused on integrating best practices across our global organization.