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Program Oversight

Our Executive Environmental Steering Committee is responsible for guiding the development of TJX’s environmental sustainability strategy and aligning it with the overall business strategy. The Committee provides guidance, advocacy, support and oversight for global environmental initiatives, including guidance in managing the risks and opportunities associated with climate change and reviewing progress against our global greenhouse gas target. The group includes senior leadership from Environmental Sustainability, Logistics, Global Communications, Store Operations, Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Audit, Property Development, Global Sourcing and Procurement, and Legal.

In addition to our Steering Committee’s efforts, environmental sustainability practitioners throughout TJX come together regularly as a Global Environmental Sustainability Committee (GESC) to explore environmental issues that impact our Company globally and to increase collaboration across our geographies. This Committee seeks to understand the environmental impacts of TJX’s business operations, sets high level priorities for the business and provides guidance on how to best conserve resources while also supporting our businesses. Focus areas include sustainable operations, including energy and emissions, logistics, green building, and waste management as well as measurement, reporting and engagement. In 2016, the committee completed a comprehensive roadmap to set priorities for the environmental sustainability program at TJX for the short, medium and long term. The roadmap has a global focus and guides us in the areas of renewable energy, global data collection and metrics and engagement.

In addition to GESC, we have established regional teams of experts who are responsible for managing our environmental sustainability initiatives based on strategies and goals most relevant to each geography.

Our Global Environmental Sustainability Committee helps shape the high-level environmental sustainability priorities for the business.