T.J. Maxx Celebrates 30 Years Supporting Children in Need

T.J. Maxx has always been, and remains, passionate about helping children in need reach their full potential. As our Company has expanded into more and more communities, our commitment to being a good neighbor in these communities has grown as well.

Our initial program with Save the Children began in 1984, with T.J. Maxx sponsoring 113 children living in some of the poorest rural communities in America. Over the years, our sponsorship has grown to more than 1,000 children, allowing Save the Children to provide access to early education, literacy, nutrition and physical fitness programs to children in areas lacking in these resources.

In addition to our corporate sponsorship of programs, we engage our customers to support this cause with us through fundraising and offer Save the Children merchandise for sale in our stores. This year, as in previous years, our designers developed a new reusable bag and a fleece blanket - both displaying artwork from the children - with a portion of the proceeds going directly to Save the Children. The passion of our store Associates ignites the generosity of our customers and we're pleased that together with our customers, we've been able to support Save the Children in a bigger way every year!

In 2014, Save the Children honored T.J. Maxx with their National Responsibility Award, recognizing our 30 year partnership, our longstanding corporate support and our commitment to fundraising for the organization.

Over the years, our sponsorship has grown to more than 1,000 children. See 30 years of partnership.

Posted: April 2015