Attracting Tomorrow's Leaders, Today

To support our growth, we are continually looking for diverse, enthusiastic and committed people to join our team. We’ve seen firsthand that the talented individuals we hire today may transform into our global leaders of tomorrow.

We seek employees with a broad diversity of experiences, in addition to gender, ethnicity, age, viewpoint and more. We take a multi-faceted approach to recruiting. In addition to our traditional recruitment activities, we focus our efforts on students and recent college graduates, military personnel, local hiring and community talent networks.

On-Campus Recruiting: From Student to Senior Buyer

Each year, several hundred students take part in our intern programs that operate across all of our divisions worldwide, in areas including corporate operations, store operations and distribution centers. We seek candidates who are curious about and have a passion for innovation, merchandising, customer excellence and global relations.

Our merchandising internships, in particular, are coveted amongst students who are majoring in fashion, retail and business administration. On average, 75% of interns from the merchandising program in the U.S. go on to join us full-time after completing college. In Canada, close to 30% of our merchandise student Co-ops transition to full-time positions.

Fast Fact:

TJX was named a Top Entry-Level Employer by in 2014 and 2015.

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Proudly Serving Those Who Have Served in the U.S. Military

At TJX, we have great respect for our servicemen and women, as evidenced by our recruitment initiatives, partnerships and awards. We value their strong work ethic, professionalism and loyalty. Our long-standing commitment to the U.S. Armed Forces is highlighted by our dedication to hiring members of the military, Veterans and military spouses.

Fast Fact:

In 2013, TJX pledged to hire at least 3,000 Veterans by 2018. By the end of 2015, we had already hired over 2,600 Veterans, suggesting we may exceed our goal well before then.

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Hiring Field Associates is a Top Priority

With approximately 216,000 Associates and 3,600 stores across the globe, our hourly store Associates are our largest source of talent. But more than that, they are the face of our brands, welcoming customers and providing a delightful shopping experience. Behind the scenes, the hourly Associates in our distribution centers ensure our stores continue to deliver a treasure hunt experience, distributing new products quickly and efficiently. Our Loss Prevention Associates ensure our merchandise is protected and our shoppers continue to experience a safe and secure shopping environment.

At TJX, we believe that our hourly Associates should reflect the people in the neighborhoods they serve, which is why we think globally and hire locally.

Turning Employment Challenges into Opportunities

TJX has a long history of hiring people with barriers to employment. These could include people with physical conditions or personal situations that make it hard for them to find or keep a job, for example, a lack of experience or access to transportation. Additionally, as we look to grow our Associate population with trained people from diverse backgrounds, we have also expanded our talent pipeline program to include people with disabilities. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, in 2015 the unemployment rate for those with a disability was 10.7%, about twice the rate for individuals with no disability. That’s a statistic that we want to help change. Our U.S. Talent Acquisition group is also creating awareness about our work-experience and pre-employment programs for youth and young adults with disabilities.

Fast Fact:

Over the course of nearly 20 years, we have provided jobs to more than 250,000 people who have received some form of government assistance in the U.S.

To assist in our recruitment efforts, we work closely with community-based organizations in the U.S. and Canada to actively recruit people who may face employment challenges. These agencies often pre-screen and train the candidates that we hire for our stores and distribution centers. The relationship between TJX and the community-based organizations is beneficial on many levels:

Fast Fact:

TJX has received hundreds of awards over the years from community-based organizations, municipalities and other organizations for providing jobs and valuable work experience to people who may face barriers to employment.

In support of these efforts, teams in the U.S. and Europe oversee innovative youth programs – the Youth Business Institute (YBI) in the U.S. and Get into Retail in Europe – which offer professional and personal development for disadvantaged young people. YBI teaches job readiness skills to students in at-risk high schools and exposes them to the business of retail. Get into Retail partners with The Prince’s Trust in the U.K. to provide vulnerable young people with training, development and eventually the opportunity for permanent employment for successful participants.

Fast Fact:

In 2015, we hired over 50% of YBI-graduate students and 68% of Get Into Retail graduates for positions in our stores.

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