Corporate Governance Documents

TJX has practiced excellence in corporate governance for 38 years. As part of our governance practices, we are committed to high standards of ethics, which are reflected in our Associate Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics for TJX Executives and Director Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Our global Associate Code of Conduct, which applies to all Associates worldwide, sets out basic principles of integrity, honesty and fair dealing and serves as a guide for ethical business conduct. Our Code of Ethics for TJX Executives reinforces the significant expectations we have for ethical business practices from our executive officers, who are also subject to our Associate Code of Conduct. Our Director Code of Business Conduct and Ethics clarifies the expectations for our individual Board Members, while our Corporate Governance Principles reflect basic governance guidelines and Board practices.

Many of the policies outlined in our Corporate Governance Principles, Codes of Conduct and Ethics, and other governance documents create an important framework for our core values of integrity, openness and treating others with dignity and fairness.