TJX Social Compliance

At TJX, we have a long history of treating people with dignity, fairness and respect, and we are committed to operating our business with high standards of ethics. Our commitment to these principles is reflected in our responsible sourcing initiatives through our social compliance program.

We strongly value the relationships that we have developed with our vendors. These relationships have been built on a foundation of honesty and trust and a commitment to ethical business practices. Therefore, it is critical that our vendors respect the laws and the cultures of the communities in which they operate and respect the rights of the workers who manufacture products for sale in our stores. In short, we expect our vendors to uphold the high ethical standards embodied in our Vendor Code of Conduct and social compliance program.

Since 2005, we have conducted over 110 training sessions for buying agents, vendors and factory management in 10 countries to educate them on our Vendor Code of Conduct and our expectations with respect to our social compliance program, particularly local labor laws and ethical business practices. TJX Associates involved in the development and buying of our merchandise are also trained on our social compliance program on a biennial basis.

Social Compliance Training

Our social compliance program is global, and attention to ethical sourcing spans across many departments. We have a global Social Compliance Committee that guides corporate management in strategy and execution of the program, with our international buying offices and merchants all playing a key role in achieving our goals.

Global Social Compliance Program

We have retained UL LLC (UL), Intertek Group PLC (Intertek) and Omega Compliance (Omega), organizations that have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of ethical sourcing, to assist us with program development, education and training, and compliance monitoring.

Our Program