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Associates Bring Our Business To Life

At TJX, we are proud that, for 40 years, we have been providing apparel and home fashions to our customers, all at amazing values. Of course, the merchandise we sell is just part of the story. We fully appreciate it is our Associates who bring our business to life, and we aim to support our Associates by making TJX a terrific place to work.

Our Associates lead by example, embodying our core values of integrity, caring, ethics and fairness.

Staying true to our culture and values is a top priority. It is through this commitment that we maintain the special culture at the heart of our Company. While it is true that our flexible business model sets us apart, we believe it is our culture that keeps us together. Just as our stores have no walls between departments, we foster open communication and collaboration as Associates work toward common goals, with an emphasis on creating and delivering value for our customers and other stakeholders.