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We are committed to taking steps to expand our understanding of what is feasible for our business model over the short, medium, and longer term to manage “chemicals of concern” in our operations as well as the products we sell. Our Vendor Code of Conduct requires our merchandise vendors, at a minimum, to act in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations when manufacturing products to be sold by TJX, including laws and regulations concerning chemicals in products. Acceptance of our Vendor Code of Conduct is part of our purchase order terms and conditions for our merchandise vendors.

In the past two years, we have increased our focus in this area in a significant way, and as we evolve our approach, we are exploring how to implement chemicals management efforts that go beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We operate a large, complex, international business, and, consistent with other corporate responsibility initiatives, we intend to focus our practices in areas where we believe we can have a meaningful impact.


Oversight of the development of our chemicals management strategy and policy is led by our Senior Vice President, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, and our Vice President, Sustainability, who report on our environmental sustainability strategies and progress to the Board of Directors as appropriate. Our Board of Directors also receives periodic written updates on our corporate responsibility program. We have increased our internal capacity and knowledge regarding chemicals of concern and involved many functions within our business, including Environmental Sustainability, Global Social Compliance, Product Development, Buying, Store Operations, Product Compliance, Global Sourcing and Procurement, and Legal. Going forward, members of these departments plan to continue to work together to develop commitments and tactics that demonstrate the Company’s ongoing progress around chemicals management.

Our Global Environmental Sustainability Committee (GESC), a team of subject matter experts from each of our major geographies who lead the strategic direction of our sustainability program, has established “Chemicals Management” as a strategic priority and assigned a sub-committee to lead the assessment of potential areas to limit chemicals of concern across our global business.


We are in the process of developing policies limiting chemicals of concern in certain products we sell and in our operations that are appropriate for our highly complex off-price business model and plan to publish these policies on our Corporate Responsibility website beginning in late 2021.

As we work towards that goal, we are utilizing the framework of the Chemical Footprint Project (CFP) and are currently undertaking a review of the Management Strategy section of the CFP survey in order to review relevant industry focus areas for our policies development.

We have also identified priority areas where TJX can take immediate action to help address chemicals of concern. These areas include certain areas of our business operations and certain categories of merchandise and product packaging. We also intend to collaborate with others in the industry as well as outside experts.

What follows are steps we have undertaken within our business that we intend to continue to pursue in the short term while also considering our approach to advancing our policy development efforts in the medium and longer term.




We believe that over time, our efforts in this area can lead us to solutions that best serve our customers, stakeholders, and our business overall.