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Responsible chemicals management is an important part of our environmental sustainability strategy. Since we operate a large, complex, international business, we focus our efforts in areas where we believe we can have a meaningful impact and that are most feasible for our business model. As we continue to learn and build our programs in this area, we are exploring ways to manage “chemicals of concern” that go beyond legal and regulatory requirements in our operations as well as certain products we sell.

Our Global Environmental Sustainability Committee (GESC), a team of subject matter experts from each of our major geographies who lead the strategic direction of our environmental sustainability program, has established “chemicals management” as a strategic priority and assigned a sub-committee to lead the assessment of potential areas across our global business where we can limit chemicals of concern. Teams across the business support these efforts by developing tactics that support the Company’s initiatives and demonstrate the Company’s ongoing progress around chemicals management. As with the oversight of our overall environmental sustainability program, chemicals management oversight is led by our Chief Risk and Compliance Officer and our Vice President of Sustainability.

Our current approach includes:


To aid in the development of policies limiting chemicals of concern in our operations and in certain products we sell, we are utilizing the Chemical Footprint Project (CFP) framework, specifically leveraging the Management Strategy section to review relevant industry focus areas.

Late in calendar year 2021, we published TJX’s Chemicals Management Program. The program outlines our expectations for vendors and suppliers to reduce or eliminate certain chemicals of concern and also identifies the initial prioritization of categories where we intend to focus our efforts. We encourage all of TJX’s suppliers and vendors to become familiar with this Program as well as the best practices for safer chemicals management applicable to their industry and product type. We will continue to evolve our strategy and work to identify new and expanded policies and commitments where we may further limit the use of chemicals of concern within our complex off-price business model. We will continue to update TJX’s Chemicals Management Program as new commitments in this area and additional policies are finalized.


Phase 1:


Phase 1:


We are collaborating with others in the industry as well as outside experts and internal stakeholders:

Going forward, we will assess the potential to expand our strategy and coverage around chemicals management. Learn more about our Chemicals Management Program.

Updated December 2021