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Growing Value Together

At TJX, operating responsibly is part of our DNA and helps us deliver extreme value to our customers as well as build longstanding relationships with our vendors and suppliers. In that spirit, for over 25 years we have had a Supplier Diversity Program dedicated to sourcing not-for-resale goods and services in the U.S. Our program includes businesses that are owned by minorities, women, veterans, LGBTQ individuals, and persons with disabilities and helps us cast a wider net of diverse organizations to support our business. In addition, the Supplier Diversity program promotes value and innovation by increasing competition, and helps us build brand loyalty by taking us to new markets and customers. Here is just one of our hundreds of success stories!

DeMartino Construction

When Evelyn DeMartino started her construction business 15 years ago, there was no such thing as an electronic bid process. She’d pile numerous printed bid request packages into a little red wagon, along with her two-year-old daughter, and cart them off for mailing to potential subcontracting partners.

A lot has changed since then. Today, New York-based DeMartino Construction has evolved into a business that has seen double-digit growth annually for the past several years. The company has expanded from small local jobs to an expansive Northeast regional portfolio, including new store construction and million-square-foot distribution centers. Evelyn credits TJX with helping their company grow by giving them their first “big break” and encouraging her to apply for woman-owned business certification.

"TJX helped to put DeMartino Construction on the map, and we've appreciated the added support from the Supplier Diversity program at TJX."

Evelyn DeMartino,

Owner, DeMartino Construction

"In many cases, businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, or other groups are smaller, newer organizations that haven’t had the same exposure as more established companies," said Ruth Johnson, who manages the Supplier Diversity Program in TJX Global Sourcing & Procurement. "In the end, our goal remains to select the best vendors that bring value to TJX. Our Supplier Diversity strategies open possibilities for our company and our partners."

In addition to creating opportunities for diverse companies, our Supplier Diversity Program makes us a valued partner by encouraging our vendors' development, as shown by our relationship with DeMartino Construction. Over the years, DeMartino has helped us build and remodel numerous stores throughout New York and the surrounding areas.

"Right from the beginning, DeMartino Construction demonstrated integrity by building our relationship and caring deeply about their work," said John Cox, TJX Vice President of Construction and Fixtures. "Like all our good partners, they share the core values of TJX."

"TJX helped to put DeMartino Construction on the map, and we've appreciated the added support from the Supplier Diversity program at TJX," says Evelyn. "As a result of becoming a certified woman-owned business, we're now on many more approved bidder lists, and that's a big key to success in our business."