Health & Well-Being

At TJX, we aim to foster a positive and inclusive work environment so that our Associates feel welcome, valued, and engaged. As part of that philosophy, we encourage Associates to bring their whole selves to work and support them in a variety of ways, including through our well-being programs.

We understand that Associate well-being is impacted by many factors, and our global wellness initiatives focus on three key areas: physical, financial, and emotional well-being. These programs are part of our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our Associates across the globe, as well as promoting a happier and healthier workforce.

Examples of some of our Associate well-being programs are highlighted below. While our philosophy and approach to Associate well-being is global, the availability of these programs and eligibility terms vary across our global locations based on location, hours worked, length of service, and other factors.

  • Physical well-being: We offer benefits, such as medical, dental, vision, and disability coverage, for eligible Associates, which in the U.S. includes no-cost access to telehealth services, diabetes support, and reimbursement of certain fitness-related expenses. In addition, in Fiscal 2023, we were pleased to shorten enrollment waiting periods for these programs to provide earlier access for eligible Associates at our U.S. office and store locations. In many locations we offer access to various fitness and wellness resources, such as virtual classes and fitness centers at our corporate offices; smoking cessation support; and, at certain office locations, onsite wellness services like eye exams, flu shots, and COVID vaccines. Our programs in the U.K. and Ireland include a focus on menopause and pregnancy loss as part of our women’s health strategy.

  • Financial well-being: We offer retirement savings plans with a company match for eligible Associates in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Poland, and Canada. Our Associates can also access a variety of programs and services at discounted rates, and eligible Associates can participate in an adoption assistance benefit program in the U.S. and scholarship and tuition assistance programs in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, all Associates can access a discount when shopping with any of our brands. We also provide access to resources, tools and information sessions covering various financial topics such as preparing for retirement, financial literacy, tax preparation, student loan counseling, taking parental leave, and managing finances during times of crisis.

  • Emotional well-being: All TJX Associates have access to Associate assistance programs that provide 24/7 free and confidential support to help balance work, family, and personal issues. Across our locations, we also offer access to educational resources that may cover topics such as new and expectant parent support, resiliency and stress reduction, and support for caregivers, as well as access to resources that promote relaxation, such as meditation, Pilates, and Tai Chi. Eligible Associates have access to paid-time off programs such as holidays, sick time, personal time, and vacation, and, in Fiscal 2023, vacation benefits were increased for eligible Associates at our U.S. office and store locations. Click here for additional information on paid sick time policies at TJX.

We believe providing well-being programs that help meet the diverse needs of our Associates is important to attracting and retaining top talent. We continually review our programs and look for ways to enhance our offerings to best support our Associates.

Updated May 2023