Governance Documents

TJX has a long history of strong corporate governance practices and policies. As part of our governance practices, we are committed to high standards of ethics, which are reflected in the TJX Global Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics for TJX Executives, Director Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, and Corporate Governance Principles. Specifically, our Global Code of Conduct, which applies to Associates worldwide as well as our Board of Directors, details our basic principles of honesty, integrity, and treating others with dignity and respect and serves as a guide for ethical business conduct. The Code is translated into over 20 languages, and we provide periodic training, both formal and informal, to reinforce our expectations. Our Code of Ethics for TJX Executives governs our Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, Chief Financial Officer, and other senior operating, financial, and legal executives who are also subject to our Global Code of Conduct. It is designed to ensure integrity in our financial reports and public disclosures. Our Director Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is designed to promote honest and ethical conduct; compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations; and the avoidance of conflicts of interest for our directors.

Our Corporate Governance Principles provide expectations and guidelines for our Board, such as duties and expectations of service, including commitment of time, qualifications for independence, evaluation of performance, framework for meetings, Committee structure, stock ownership guidelines, and other elements of our Board governance. Each of the committees of our Board of Directors has a charter that sets forth, among other things, the purpose and duties and responsibilities of the respective committee. Many of the policies outlined in our Corporate Governance Principles, codes of conduct and ethics, and other governance documents create an important framework for our core values.

Organizational Documents

Policies for Communicating with the Board of Directors and Management

Updated April 2024