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Associates Bring Our Business To Life

We fully appreciate that our Associates bring our business to life, and we aim to support them by making TJX a terrific place to work. It’s very important for us to attract talented individuals, teach them our off-price model, offer them challenging assignments, and support their careers. We are also very proud of our culture and are committed to our core values of honesty, integrity, and treating each other with dignity and respect. In fact, developing talent and championing our culture are global business priorities year in and year out. We believe this encourages Associates to join us, not just to find a job, but to build a career.

Inclusion and diversity have long been a priority at TJX, and in these serious times, we recognize more than ever that we need to continue working to do more and be better.

TJX believes that the diversity of our Associate base makes us a stronger Company and better able to serve our broad and diverse base of customers around the world. We embrace that our workforce encompasses people of different races, ethnicities, ages, sexual orientations, gender identities, and much more, who come together to move our business forward. We strive for an inclusive workplace where our Associates feel welcome when they walk in the door; valued for their diversity of thought, background, and experience; and engaged with our mission to provide value to our customers. Our inclusion programming has always been grounded in the understanding that forward progress requires differing opinions, values, and perspectives. Our decades-long, open door philosophy not only supports, but encourages this.

At TJX, we stand with Black Associates, customers, and communities, and we stand for racial justice and equity.

We believe every one of us can play a part in helping to build a better world, where justice, fairness, and dignity are upheld as basic human rights. We are committed to taking action that promotes racial justice, and we are further strengthening our inclusion and diversity programs in our workplaces. We recognize that this approach needs to be programmatically incorporated into our business practices to have a sustainable long-term impact.

We have made a significant effort in recent months to increase the on-line learning resources related to inclusion and diversity available to all Associates, and hold virtual discussion sessions and town halls with Associates at all levels across the global organization. Our short term goals are to create a common way we can all talk about racial justice and educate Associates about our approach to inclusion and diversity. Further, we plan to engage through focus groups in all of our regions to gain Associate feedback and thoughts on future initiatives, and have launched a new program that we refer to as “Being Inclusive.” This program is designed to focus on micro inequities and what Associates can do to minimize and prevent them from happening. Ultimately, we want our Associates to be heard and actively engaged in our journey as we build out and execute longer-term plans.

We are focusing on strengthening talent development programs and facilitating access to management opportunities for under-represented populations, as well as on expanding training offerings on inclusivity for all Associates to help foster honest, open discussions. Further, we are assembling teams of global Associates to help develop the short-, medium-, and long-term actions needed to keep TJX moving forward in addressing this critical social need.

In addition to these internal actions, we are committed to supporting racial justice and equity by donating $10 million over two years to global organizations that help expand long-term opportunities for Black people and other people of color. We invite you to visit the Inclusion and Diversity and Our Communities pages of our website to learn more about our efforts to support racial justice and equal opportunities.1

TJX Sustainable Development Goals - 5 Gender Equality
U.K. Gender Pay Gap Statement

2019 Key Highlights


of people in managerial positions globally are women2


of managerial positions in stores and field offices were filled by internal promotions2


attendance in Global Leadership Curriculum courses


of promotions globally earned by women, on average, over the past three years


We are humbled by some of the recognition that we have received.

Black EOE Journal, Best of the Best 2019, Top 500 Entry Level Employer
The Job Crowd, Top 50 Company for Apprentices to Work For 2019 and 2020
Hispanic Network, A Latino Business and Employment Magazine, Best of the Best 2019
Great Place To Work Canada, Best Workplaces 2019
Professional Woman’s Magazine, Best of the Best 2019

1Please note that references to items accomplished or completed in this section during 2019 denote TJX's Fiscal Year 2020, which ended February 1, 2020.

2Managerial is defined as Assistant Store Manager (or equivalent level) and above across the Company.

Updated August 2020